1. Do you give a free trial?

 No, we don't give free trials.

2. Can we download the course videos?

No, you can't download videos.

3. How many times can we watch the video?

You can watch as many times as you want till 6 months after your purchase.

4. When can I apply for the mentorship program?

Any time, until seats get full.

5. What is the registration procedure?

Just click on buy on the desired product then checkout.

6. How do I solve my queries?

In a lecture or via email -info@chartmojo.com

7. Whom can I approach for further details about the courses?

You can write us at info@chartmojo.com.

8. Will the fees be refunded if I do not wish to watch the videos?

No, Fees won't be refunded after the purchase.

9. How much time will it take to activate my subscription after payment?

It will get activated instantly.

10. Can I purchase multiple courses at once?

You need to purchase the bundled course.

11. What is the validity of the course I purchase?

6 Months from the date of purchase

12. Where can I get invoices after purchase?

No, you can't download videos.

13. How many devices are allowed?

4 Device 

12. If we log-in in two separate browsers, is it counted as 2 different devices?

Yes, It is advisable to use only one browser to watch the classes

13. Can we use Incognito mode or VPN?

You can but it will be counted as a separate device every time you use the above. It is not recommended to use it.

14. What if the device limit reached error is popped up?

Kindly use the device and browser you used the first time you logged in.